Where Every Bite Narrates the Rich Tales of Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine

Azmera Bar & Restaurant

We offer a delightful Ethiopian and Eritrean dining experience in the Seattle area.


Doro Wet: Delight in the rich and spicy tradition of Doro Wet, an Ethiopian and Eritrean culinary masterpiece featuring slow-cooked, succulent chicken stewed in a flavorful blend of berbere spices, creating a hearty and aromatic dish that embodies the essence of Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine.

Influenced by the Authentic Simplicity of Traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine


Shekila Tibs: Savor the authentic flavors of Shekila Tibs, a classic Ethiopian and Eritrean dish that showcases tender, marinated meat expertly slow-cooked in a traditional clay pot. This aromatic and flavor-rich specialty embodies the true spirit of Ethiopian and Eritrean culinary art, delivering a tantalizing taste experience with every bite.

Shiro : a beloved Ethiopian and Eritrean stew, combines finely ground chickpeas with a blend of aromatic spices, slowly simmered to create a rich and heartwarming dish. Paired with traditional injera bread, it offers a comforting and authentic culinary journey, capturing the essence of Ethiopian and Eritrean flavors.

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Veggie Combo: The Ethiopian and Eritrean Veggie Combo is a delightful medley of vegetable stews, each prepared with a unique blend of spices and ingredients, simmered to perfection for a deeply satisfying experience. Served alongside injera bread, it’s a true testament to the rich, comforting, and authentic flavors of Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine.

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Inspired by the rich culinary heritage of Ethiopia and Eritrea, our cuisine brings to life the flavors of our childhoods, blending traditional recipes with a global touch.


KEY TIBS: A succulent Eritrean dish, where tender pieces of seasoned and grilled meat, often served with injera, embody the savory essence of East African flavors.

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Our restaurant is located in the building that used to house the prominent Circle Repertory Theater

Rice with Fish: At Azmera Bar and Restaurant, experience the delightful fusion of flavors with our Rice with Fish specialty. Skillfully seasoned and carefully cooked to perfection, this dish presents succulent, flaky fish served over a bed of fragrant, perfectly cooked rice, capturing the essence of our unique culinary style.

Customer Review

Faniel Habte
Faniel Habte
Warm hospitality delicious food, family friendly great for a big family or small group. Am Habesha and have dined in a-lot places in seattle area and am yet to find anything better than this. Highly recommended places for Habesha cuisine!!
Meron Ghebremichael
Meron Ghebremichael
I have had a chance to pay a visit with a number with a large group.The ambience was spacious and culturally decorated which makes it very authentic and gives a great resemblance to backhome.The background music was very classic which gives a great vibe to the atmosphere.The food is very authentic.What stood out the most was the service.Dani was very patient taking the orders and the food came on time.Overall great experience and can’t wait to go again.
Nasr Abdu
Nasr Abdu
Delicious dishes👌